Different Strokes

 Empowering younger stroke survivors and families to reclaim lives and ambitions through active peer support:

  • There are approximately 152,000 strokes in the UK each year.
  • At least 1 in 4 strokes happen to someone of working age or younger.
  • Total people having strokes aged 20 to 64 increased by 25% from 1990 to 2010 worldwide.


20160429 twibbonpicfinalMay is Stroke Awareness month!


Did you know that at least one in four strokes happen to someone of working age or younger?  We need you to Act N.O.W:

N  – Number of strokes each year is 152,000
O  – One in 4 happen to someone of working age or younger
W – We need you to share this message

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Please display the Different Strokes twibbon on social media to show your support and encourage family and friends to do the same.  Just click on the photo here and add the twibbon to your Facebook and Twitter profiles!

If we all unite together, we can make a real difference and spread the word that stroke happens to younger people too, and that Different Strokes is here to help.


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Join in with ‘My Mile’ on Sunday 15th May

May is Stroke Awareness month and we need your help on Sunday 15th to raise awareness and support younger stroke survivors. We invite you to travel 1 mile, however you chose, and donate £1. It may not seem a lot but if everyone gets on board, together we can make a real difference!  Taking some fresh air, popping to the corner shop, walking the dog, a family bike ride, or any other way that you can think of – it all counts.  

Tim’s Story

20160429 tim my mile 220160429 tim my mile 1

“Hi, I'm Tim.

I'm currently riding a bike around the world, and I'm likely to be somewhere in western Turkey in the 15th May 2016, on the way home to the UK.  I've ridden nearly 15,000 miles so far, and am now crossing my 23rd country. 

But on the 15th May, one of my miles will be My Mile, in support of Different Strokes.  I'll be riding (and donating!) in support of Gavin, my friend and ex-work colleague, who had a stroke at an early age a few years ago.

Gavin arguably needed help in all sorts of ways before his stroke ;-).  But I know the support he received after it made a huge difference to his recovery.  And it's something that can happen to anyone.

I'd encourage as many people to get involved and support Different Strokes on the 15th May.  And look on the bright side.  You only need to do one mile before you can collapse into a comfy chair with a cuppa or a pint.  I've still got another three-and-a-bit thousand to go!

If you're interested in my trip, find out more at www.theunknownaroundthecorner.net.”

Get involved at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fund/8ways, select ‘Give now’ then ‘My mile’ and tell us what you did to support our 20th year campaign.  

Friends and family welcome too - please spread the word and #uniteforstroke! 

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